KoolChart - PHP Charting and Graph

KoolChart - PHP Charting and Graph 1.0

KoolChart is a excellent PHP charting and graphing control (See all)

KoolChart is a powerful PHP charting and graphing control which allows you to visualize your financial, scientific, engineering, business or any kind of relevant data in a stunning data-driven graph. Equipped with very strong client-side rendering engine, KoolChart shows a remarkable performance and quality images across browsers.
(1)Using SVG standard for high quality vector image. (2)Support old browsers with limited capability. (3)High interface-customizability. (4)Smooth animated transitions (5)Support user-interactivity (6)Support all major charting: Line, Bar,Column, Pie and many more.. (7)Continously developed and supported. (8)Easy-to use, with support of Code Generator.

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